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STATIC A word used in many cases to describe a posture of the non-productive use of space. Clearly, this is only the best description of how I immediately identify with the word. The picture used on this blog is the visual I see when thinking of static. The selection says a great deal about me as the writer. Firstly, I am familiar with this being on a television screen during the era when television actually went off air (there was nothing to watch on television or anywhere else because there was only television), whereas many younger audiences are unaware of this possibility.

While others may think of static electricity we carry in our bodies shown through clothes clinging to us. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, there are seven definitions and or references for the term. The common element of each definition is motionless; no-pressure; and stationary. The weight of an object offers the force or stamina in which a topic, person or idea can be labeled as static. The measure is offered by the relativity of its environment.

Secondly, the word static wails loudly in my ears today when I think of the enormous amount of input on the slightest topic of discussion. The world chimes in with such force it becomes static in the world’s ears. The words and opinions that were once profoundly memorable on delicate topics of discussions are now drowned out by social media platforms. It appears everyone and anyone can access a platform to the world.

While this is a great tool in many cases, as I am obviously taking advantage of one now, it also imposes a great disturbance and muddies the waters when seeking to locate truth. A land built on civil justice and freedom for all; is now becoming STATIC. The white noise that accompanies the picture is all we hear now when civil rights are violated across this country. Is it possible we have become too desensitized when considering civility? One may inquire as to my meaning, in which the response is “too civil” represents the acceptance of so many opinions we are unable to find the moral ground anymore or what would be the truth.

Is Digital Popularity Now Our Truth?

Presently, we can only own our individual truths which is only relevant in our small spaces of occupancy. We have been trained to settle for the social media platform as our measure of acceptance by the world with a click of a “Like” button. In turn, we have become motionless; no-pressure; laid back, silenced, stationary and ultimately a STATIC-society.

It is now easy to get involved on the lowest level of participation. What are we missing?

The selection of a ‘like’button is not participation for humanitarian or civil justice issues, but instead, it serves as your contribution to the consumer-driven economy and the corporate marketing plans around the world where big business is concerned. When someone posts a comment or statement that invokes a strong decision of conscious in pointing out blatant injustice and inconsistencies, these items frequently receive the lowest number of likes. Why? It is in this small space, by a slight of hand where the static is heard the loudest. Because some may not want others to know they really agree with you, and it is really easy to avoid discussing the issue and making a conscious decision because there is no one to look in the eyes. Is digital popularity now our truth?

Our electronic finger and footprints are creating a STATIC society with soft-edges when it comes to any difficult decisions of change required in our society. No one searches for facts any further than what they can see on a common search engine or social media platform anymore, WOW!

Food for thought-If everything is acceptable then there is no line drawn? Look around and I am sure you will begin to see the same television picture screen or hear the muttering crowd of the white noise of social media with a dull monotone humming in your ears.

America and quite possibly the world is now classified as STATIC.


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