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Restore Your Child's Brain & Restore Your Inheritance

The expression “possession is nine-tenths of the law,” implies that it is easier to maintain ownership of something if one has it in his or her possession. The possession of more than half a century of life to ponder patterns, map out the best routes, witness the rise and fall of human consciences within an environment; contemplating the ancient styles and customs now packaged as new thoughts to the youngest generations, and to see some prophecies fulfilled is how I measure an inheritance. The known history and historical references, encounters, and relationships are my inheritance.

We live in a society where the smallest decisions we used to make by utilizing wisdom, knowledge, comprehension, and instinct or dare I say, using our brains; are now replaced with the mechanical workings ensued by a ‘bit of coding’ programmed inside inanimate objects that we now label as SMART.

Has mankind been put on notice that our intellect is no longer necessary? Is technology serving as a caveat to those who are considered not so bright on their own? When we consider the bursting floodgates of advancing technology pushing its currents through our society and leaving nothing untouched, not even our currencies around the world, are we forgetting the expression in our introduction?

If possession is nine-tenths of the law, and we release wisdom, knowledge, comprehension and the instinctive reasoning of our daily lifestyles to automation, then how do we value ourselves as humans now?

As it stands, if you have the appropriate ‘app’ in the house, car or on any of the many mobile electronic devices we can make valid decisions by using these tools of today’s society. Yet, isn’t this much like what Esau did when he willed Jacob to have his inheritance for a bowl of pottage meat in his time of haste, thinking he had the best of the best already after his bout with Nimrod (Genesis 25:29-32 & Book of Jasher Ch. 27: 8-12).

Likewise, the prodigal son also looked upon his inheritance from his father as coin alone and thereby desired it prior to his father’s death which is a disgrace in and of itself in the community Luke 15: 11-17. Aren’t we also despising our inheritance? I use the word despise because it appears we have created codes to employ the electronics to do the daunting tasks our brains were originally expected to learn, accomplish and pass on to the next generations as an inheritance.

I have literally heard many others and myself intoxicated by convenience drenched with a slurring air of pride-ridden ignorance saying, “If I want to know something, I just look it up on Google, or YouTube.” The easy access to information has replaced the wisdom of the grandmother or grandfather sharing their knowledge with the next generations. The challenge of creating a new way of handling a situation that suits your current condition is voided and replaced with whatever the ‘app’ gives you.

Many of you know what I mean when the GPS misguides you due to the failure to update the traffic information for the past three years??? We are creating a society that discards their inheritance for a proverbial pseudo pot of gold, that has the potential to become our slave master at the flip of one switch. The world teeters on the edge ready to fall to their knees without knowledge of how to survive without their precious ‘app or smart item.’

Sure, there are enough of us still alive that can remember when we did not have these amenities and life went on, but the very things many of us as parents and grandparents are supplying for our youngsters is setting our next generations up for destruction, failure and the inability to survive. I encourage those of you who took the time to read the rant of a mother and grandmother who has watched the technology era alter our lives, to give your family an inheritance and share your knowledge and let them share their new way with you. There is nothing wrong with convenience but do not allow it to become a dictator that strips you of an inheritance.

A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children’s children: and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just. Proverbs 13:22


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