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Learn the Hebrew Alphabet with Nate and Burger (Digital)

Learn the Hebrew Alphabet with Nate and Burger (Digital)

SKU: D364215375135191

Through this 300 page .pdf download you are able to help your child(ren) learn the Phoenician (paleo) and Modern Hebrew/English alphabet simultaneously. We are now able to equip our children with a solid foundation to raise up a generation. We have taken every effort in writing this book to include information on the topic of the Hebrew alphabet in Phoenician (paleo), modern along with the English language. This book is developed as a support tool for the home school educator, parents and caregivers looking to teach their child and ready the next generation of Hebrew Israelites. The book of Psalms in the 119th division (Psalms 119) finds David has aligned eight verses according to each of the 22 Hebrew Alphabet. You will find each Hebrew letter has eight verses of scripture associated as it is written in scripture.  



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