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What is an ISBN number?​


The letters ISBN stand for  International Standard Book Number.  It is a 13-digit numbering system used as a unique identifier for books.  This numeric identifier is used around the world to identify books.  New self-publishers are especially interested in making sure their books are registered properly.    Q.  Can your book be published and sold without an ISBN?  The answer is YES.   Although, if you plan on selling to retailers you will need one whether online or not.


This becomes an issue associated with the audience the author intends to reach.  If you are attempting to market your information to the world (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.) then you will need an ISBN applied to your published item.  HBH is a Kingdom publishing company and therefore we do not choose to apply the worlds numbering identifiers to our books.   HBH will apply an HBH book number which is easily used to identify your book when necessary in our system.

Why HBH does not use an ISBN on many of their published books

For a similar reason Amazon does not use ISBN numbers.  We are in no way comparing our business to Amazon, although we expect to grow to that magnitude. It is our goal to supply the nations scattered across the four corners of the world with all literature from this book book hub.  In light of the times we live in it is important to thwart as much world systematic interference as possible.  Our publications are intended for Israelite and Gentile families who call on the Most High God Ahayah Asher Ahayah and keep the commandments.  Due to the publishing and distribution of books to a special audience, who are considered family, a private group etc., it is not necessary to apply an ISBN number to most books we publish.  Although the author may desire to sell his or her book in open markets, at which time an ISBN number will be required.  HBH is still able to publish that book with additional ISBN costs. 


You decide as the Author, do you need an ISBN number or do you not?

The Israelite Community is one large body that is prime and ready for your authored books, which qualifies you to omit the cost of an ISBN and invest into your copyright.

Will not having an ISBN number limit my sales?  Yes, you will not be able to sell your book on Amazon  or in bookstores like Barnes and Noble, Borders, etc.  Although, where is the audience for Israelite literature?

What is an ISBN number?​

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